it was the year of the dry rains, the ones that never quenched the grasses and that seemed to leave the dust untouched.

we laughed wryly at the coming apocalypse, finding it ironic that it would happen to us, in our lifetime, feeling special somehow because of it. we were stupid, but how could we have known that it was all really happening even as we sat over lattes and beers and chatted about it? our grand mother was flexing and stretching and pushing her bulging middle out, an immense breath that stunned the scientists, who wrote articles with words like measurement and unexplained and possible.

those to the east knew more than we did in the west: they understood the electromagnectic potential, and the heartbeat, the pull in, the push out...they allowed for telekinesis in their theories. they never tried to warn the west, though, not like that. they just sat smug in their vast empire trickling out curious bits of data that made little sense unless you saw the universe through their eyes. they teased, and secretly dug bunkers and faraday cages for their elite. the peasants, as always in their history, would be sacrificed. meanwhile, our intelligentsia did their concerted best to maintain scientific protocol, to stay cool under the glare of knowledge we weren't supposed to have.


should we have known that our lives really were over? what good would that have done us, except to bring us together for one last year of hate, and of bursting, broken love?

and from over here, on this side of that time, it seems it would have been a wasteful, fearful knowledge.

yes, everything changed and most especially, we changed. we learned to bypass medicine and science as we knew it. we finally accepted that we were made of star dust and precious metals sent over by the sun in blasts of cosmic wind. some of us stopped eating, as it were, and learned to feed again off of solar storms, absorbing the platinums as we breathed: iridium, osmium, palladium. we let the sun play with our DNA the way a virtuoso plays piano. we realized that we had the same capacity to create energy, life-force energy, from the golden orb above us as plants do: and we were finally free. free from the horrific cycle of feed and slaughter that had created monsters of the members of our kind.


not all of us made it, though. as a matter of fact, only a very thin slice of the population understood what type of fantastic door was opening for them with this new way of knowledge.

ultimately it was the seekers who made it. there really wasn't any way to teach this new way of being...a person had to simply understand it whole, as it were. in a moment of kairos a simple sentence uttered would blow open a pathway to understanding, and all that was needed from there was a bit of research to back the new awareness up: some facts, found in the net. some corroboration that others had stepped onto this same path and not only survived, but thrived.

this is how it was for us. we never doubted, but fully understood in a flash of blinding insight. and it felt right. it felt like what all the masters throughout all time said it would feel like. it was illumination, it was freedom, it was a new earth and nirvana and gnosis. we were enlightened. not perfect, but unable to go back, ever, to how we had seen the world before. and just as unable to explain it to others.

we spoke in koans now, or dropped accidental bits of wisdom that spooked friends and family with their appropriateness. mímí was best at this, and most probably because she had no real clue what had happened to her. she was so young when the sun spoke to her that she hardly remembered how it felt to be bound to earth logic. there are always a few mímí’s in every generation, sprinkled around the planet, and some say that there are more and more every year.

bless mímí for her purity. so many strove to be like her, but there are some things, the most valuable things, that just can't be replicated. they are like accidents, beautiful accidents. and all we can do is protect them, and be sure that our admiration doesn't destroy what we so adore.


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